Fall Pony Trail


If you enjoyed the pony trail back in the summer, you would have loved it this time with all the leaves changing. We took the same pony trail we did a few months ago just to see the leaves change. It was great. There were about eight of us that left King's in Bridgeville around 2:30pm on Saturday, October 20th. The trip took about three hours. We took a short stretch break at Bethany Park as we did last time. Of course, last time we were inspecting John's damage. This time we were talking about the damage that almost was. We were all just cruising the winding roads through the farmland when we came around a sharp right turn at the top of a hill and all of a sudden we found a white dog just standing in the middle of the road right on the bend. Luann & John were in the lead and radioed the alert. I heard the alert at the same time I saw the dog. Luckily, I got slowed down enough not to hit it. Of course, the horn had no affect. He just gave me a look like "this is my road,

what are you doing here." While looking in my rear view mirror to check to see if everyone got slowed down, I heard a squeal of brakes. Jim & Cheryl were behind me and Jimmy & Sue were behind them. Jim & Cheryl got slowed down but Jimmy had to lock up the brakes. I saw the smoke and heard the squeal but didn't see the back end of Jim's Mach 1 jump so he didn't get hit. Meanwhile, the dog is still walking down the middle of the road. Ernie was back near the end of the line and when he got up to the bend, he was wondering who left the tire marks in the road when he saw the smoke. We all got through the ordeal safely and for all I know, that little white dog is still walking down the middle of the road. We did notice that the leaves down near Bethany College were changing faster and already falling. We passed plenty of archery hunters parked along the winding roads. It was too warm for good hunting. It was beautiful and sunny day with a temp of 77. Just gorgeous! As we

arrived in Washington, Joe was going to leave us to go home to pick up Darlene and get to Stan & Lura's for the cookout and meeting. Roy, one of our new members who was bringing up the rear, followed Joe when he turned off the trail instead of following Ernie who was directly in front of him. Well, needless to say, we lost Roy. We finally got Roy back to Stan & Lura's house after he called Stan. Well, we all got to Stan & Lura's for dinner. It was great. Members who did not choose to go on the pony trail, met at Stan & Lura's for dinner and then we held our monthly membership meeting. If you haven't had a chance to take this trip in the past, you don't want to miss it next time we take it. A special thank you to Bob Shannon who originally set up this trail for all of us to thoroughly enjoy. Thanks Bob!!
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