TCTC Club Picnic


Lura & Stan volunteered to take charge of this years picnic.
They reserved South Park's Harbor Grove & had Shop 'n Save do the catering.
They did an excellent job! The location was perfect, the weather was beautiful & the food was delicious.
Everyone had a great time.
Thanks again, you two.!!!
Enjoying food & conversation.
Faith & Abby playing in the dirt.
Food Table.
Hit by plane.
James & Mason playing cards.
Jimmy & Skip playing horseshoes.
Joe & Ken playing horseshoes.
Joe & Leah.
Joe with feet up.
Lori & Skip playing horseshoes.
Lynette, Leah, Lura, Lori, Darlene & Jen.
Relaxing after lunch.
Sue & Bethany with bubbles.