North meets South Event

We all looked on the internet for the weather forecast. It said rain. After last year we didn't want our cars wet, so we took our daily drivers instead. Guess what, it didn't rain! Only driving home at the last minute.
Early in the morning getting ready to depart from Kings for the event. Who has directions? Guess what-no one does! Bob had to drive to work and get the directions.

How many TCTC members does it take to get directions for a club event. Only one! At the very last minute!
Ok, so we had directions, they were not ours, but I guess they would do. So we got off the right exit, and then drove until we watched Mustangs heading in the opposite direction. Did we pass it? Oh yeah we did. We all saw the park on the left, and kept looking for two more schools!

We finally found it with only two Mustangs from our club. Joe brought his and so did Gary. But they had some great ones to show. We all regret not taking ours!
Alan & Larry with the Sally Award. This is an award given to the club from the North or South who has the most members at the picnic. The south won it this time, maybe next time TCTC.
This is a shot of the fan belt tossing contest!
Tossing fan belts is not as easy as it seems!
Bob, Joe, Lynette, and Melany at the Mini Golf!
Ernie wondering why didn't anyone have directions here?
Ok, here we go! How many Mustang club members does it take to light a grill?

Well, you have to have at least 4 people looking at the grill. One standing by the grill, so that another person can light it!

Good job!
Garry and Ernie waiting for the FOOD!

A great shot of everyone!