TCTC and Kenny Ross Cruise

Here is the registration booth.
We had a wonderful turnout.
The left side of the TCTC lineup.
The right side of the TCTC lineup.
Lots of cool stuff at the Chinese auction. Does anyone know why they call it a Chinese auction? At Chinese car cruises do they have American auctions?
Cars checking in at the registration booth.
Thanks to the the ticket sellers, HUGE amounts of tickets were sold. A car length is alot of tickets.
Hanging out at the registration booth.
A very nice Roush for sale. Too bad they didn't have this at the Chinese auction. I bet we would have sold alot of tickets.
This is the car that Ernie wants. A 2002 Mustang, white on white convertible with 1000 watts of Ear bleeding sound. Too bad it kinda renders the trunk useless. Who cares about trunk space when your stereo pounds!
Here is a beautiful Roush 360R! We all wished it was ours! It can be yours, just visit Kenny Ross.