TCTC and Kenny Ross Cruise

Another shot of the cars.
Looks like everyone is checking out the cool cars!
OK, its almost award time.
Mike gives out an award.
Mathew looking cool. Go G! You look flip!
Mark is checking out the big black cloud approaching. Hurry up with the awards.
Look like rain is coming, it doesn't look good.
Ok, here we go! How many Mustang club members does it take to hold down a tent in a windy rainstorm?

Well, first eveyone has to panic and run to the tent. Then everyone grabs onto a part of the tent. There are way too many people to count. But you have to at least have one person holding on to their pink visor.

Good job, the tent survived! TCTC RULES!
OK, time to move the awards inside, thankfully we had a place we could all fit. We handed out the rest of the awards.
Here is the unique 50/50 drawing. I think he had a deal with Kenny Ross, since Mike from Kenny Ross won!
Thank you Kenny Ross! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.