TCTC and Tony G's Bar & Grill, Car Show

Michelle and Sue at the TCTC Table
Carl Orangis receives the best club car award from the Miller girl.
Jenn and Michelle at the registration table. Don't they look sexy!
Jimmy, Tony and Mark. Don't they look sexy too!
The Miller girl giving Scot his cars back. Hey Mark, why is the Miller girl the one who is giving back Scot's cars?----Is it because someone "stole" those cars from him & they were feeling guilty for taking them & then needed a way to get the cars back to him?
Jen and Michelle working it at the registration area.
Stan, Scot and John at registration area. I guess they are sort of working it too! Yes, Stan, Scot & John are working it but only because they are too lazy to walk around to look at all the cars.
Jen even works the oldies at the registration area.