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2019 Annual TCTC Car Show was held June 9, 2019.  Visit the 2019 Car Show web page for details.


                                                THE NEW TCTC CAR CLUB

  • A family friendly car club (spouses and children are welcome at all events)
  • Open to owners of Ford Motor Products (Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln)
  • Membership open to residents of all 50 States
  • No annual dues
  • 4 meetings per year (attendance is optional)
  • Monthly TCTC Newsletter detailing that month’s events and upcoming events
  • TCTC hosts an annual car show
  • Proceeds from the show are donated to local children’s charities
  • Members attend regional car cruises and shows with other members
  • Members attend Swap meets in Canfield, Columbus, Butler, Carlisle, and Harrisburg with other members
  • TCTC hosts Pony Trails: Short (100 mile or less) car trips as a group along scenic locations with a stop for food
  • TCTC hosts Dining Runs: Short (50 miles or less) car trips as a group to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • TCTC hosts an fall outing
  • TCTC hosts an annual dinner outing after the winter holidays


TCTC Club Meeting

The TCTC Car Club meeting is held 4 times per year, usually the 3rd Saturday of January, April, May, and September/October, at a local restaurant.

The next meeting of the TCTC Car Club is October 10, 2020. We will host a Pony Trail at 11:30 followed by the Annual TCTC Picnic and October Meeting at Jeannie's in Clinton, PA


Visit the "Past Events" page for photos from previous TCTC events.



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